More Recent Events

Back in 2001 Eketahuna lost its petrol station in a fire. Due to the damage that was done and the costs involved in rebuilding, the fuel company at that time withdrew from this small rural town.

Well, the locals were not prepared to have a town without fuel. Everyone came together and fundraised to have the petrol station rebuilt. A group of locals were given the task of pursuing assorted fuel companies until one said “yes”, they would supply fuel to Eketahuna’s Community owned station. Now we have a very popular Gasoline Ally – Gas Eketahuna, proudly local owned and operated.

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In 2006 Eketahuna’s Giant Kiwi, standing 6.5 metres high was erected alongside the Eketahuna Information Centre, at the southern end of town and the “Eketahuna Kiwi Country” theme was adopted as our town logo.

In 2012 our other Giant Brown Kiwi was given a make-over to celebrate the birth of

Manukura, the first white kiwi born in captivity, on 1st May 2011 at the Pukaha Mt. Bruce Wildlife Centre.

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And then in 2016 Our Giant Kiwi took flight and was rehomed on the other side of the road, and in a more central location in town. This was done as part of a Main Street upgrade to provide a more enjoyable, relaxed and predominately user friendly and safe location for people to stop and have photos taken with Eketahuna’s Giant Kiwi.

This is our Giant Kiwi now, in his new location in town, with our new logo – Real Kiwi Country. Come visit us and say Hello to our Giant Kiwi.

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On 20th January 2014 at 3.52pm Eketahuna was struck with a 6.2 magnitude earthquake. It was felt by so many people around central New Zealand, but it effected so many of our small town Eketahuna residents and surrounding districts. A local soldier, who had not long returned for serving on the Christchurch earthquake cordons said that “being outside when it hit was intense!” “it was hard to remain standing up” and “my first thought was about our elderly neighbours, so as soon as our home was checked and secure, we drove around town checking on people to see if anyone needed help”.

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Between 2016-2017 the Main Street Up-grade Project has seen some major changes in Eketahuna. With the help of the Tararua District Council and the Eketahuna Community Board parts of the Main street through town has been transformed into a more welcoming place to stop.

And there is still more work continuing . . . . come and have a look